What Makes Humates So Effective.

Our soils are mineral deficient. This isn't just a theory. Mineral soil tests show a lack of trace minerals in most soils. Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Sulfur, Calcium and Magnesium are all important elements and what they provide is easily found on the internet. How about the importance of Boron, Potassium and other trace minerals such as the necessity of Molybdenum and Cobalt in the nodulation process. Humates supply all these minerals. Just having these minerals present for the plants provides essential nutrients that can lead to healthier more productive growth.


Humate Characteristics  

  • They facilitate the absorption of nutrients and increase capacity for cation exchange.
  • Humates increases root respiration and root formation, which results in a stronger root system.
  • Humates provides the energy and nutrition source for beneficial organisms that influence plant health and soil fertility.
  • Helps decreases the losses of water and nutrients in lighter, sandy soils.
  • Humates help to enhance the aeration of the soil and increase water retention of heavy and compact soils._
  • Minimize erosion by creating stronger root systems.
  • They increase the plant's ability to grow higher quality crops.
  • Enhances the performances of urea, fertilizers and lime when added to them.
  • Increases strike rates and root growth of seeds.
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