Hello! My name is Dwight Young, and I am the proud owner of Growers Delight, a family-run business started in 2017. It all started one Sunday afternoon when my wife, Iris, came home asking me to help unload the car. To my disappointment, in the trunk lay 5-6 large bags of all sorts of fertilizers and I thought there MUST be a better way! 

After months spent working with experts in horticulture and agriculture, I am pleased to announce our newest product, the fifth generation of Growers Delight Soil Activator! When compared with other industry leaders our users have experienced near endless improvements to their gardens such as earlier blooming, brighter colours, and more flowers with longer flowering periods to name a few. When applied to vegetables there is a distinct increase in robustness, with far less pests and disease getting in the way of healthy growth and with continued use, fruit trees have even been shown to blossom and bear higher quality, tastier fruits! Growers Delight has been shown to reduce the effects of umbilical rot, brown spot, and white rust, effectively eliminating them from your garden. When used for lawn care, Growers Delight promotes the development of a good root system making for dense, green grass all while preventing chafer beetle eggs from hatching. Unlike other soil activators, Growers Delight is perfect for even novice growers as in addition to its ability to stop common disease and pest problems, it will not cause seedlings to burn, meaning you can use it from bulb to blossom. For a better, brighter garden there is no other option than Growers Delight.

After 1 months of waiting to become certified organic, it’s finally happened! This is a huge step for Growers Delight, and we are excited to share with all who love growing and gardening! Check us out: https://organicdirtsupplements.ca/.

With the price of goods everywhere on the rise there’s has never been a better time to start growing your own healthy organic fruits and vegetables or create your own beautiful flower gardens! With Growers Delight Soil Activator we can make that dream a reality.