Chafer Beetle Problem


Adult European chasers are tan or brown beetles. The chafer grubs (larvae) which cause most of the lawn damage, are soft & white and C-shaped with tan coloured heads and six prominent legs.

The chafer beetle completes their life cycle in one year which can lead to rapid population increases. Adult beetles emerge from the soil in June and mate in swarms at dusk. In July, females lay up to 20-30 eggs in the soil. The eggs hatch in about 2 weeks and the small grubs begin to feed on grass roots. Feeding continues throughout the winter until they pupate in May.


As the bugs are constantly there going through its different stages -- so we need to be persistent to get them to beat it.

Lawns would need a good application of Soil Activator in the Fall and again in Spring (remember Spring comes early here) -- they can even apply part way through the winter season (February) if they are keeners (as our lawns stay green) and then apply the Soil Activator during the summer season.  

Promoting Soil Health Naturally:

    1. All our products are non-toxic and safe around humans and animals.
    2. Build a stronger root system by increasing root respiration and root formation.
    3. Great scourge of energy for beneficial soil organisms, which influences both soil fertility and plant.
    4. When added directly to the soil, it can improve both the soil quality and the plants' ability to grow.
    5. Soil Activator helps prevent water and nutrient losses in light and sandy soil.

The more serious the problem, the more

Soil Activator should be applied. For a more detailed explanation please contact Dwight at: or 604-780-5272.


Does your lawn look like this?

Or this?

The cause is the Chafer Beetle

An image in the early stage of growth

Loving your unhealthy soil & root system 

Just say No!!

The solution: Growers Delight Soil Activator